Alisha Keys Volume keeps turning down

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I love Alisha Keys, but every time I'm playing it, the volume on the vst just drops completely down. I turn it back up and then start playing and it drops again. I checked to see if there is a midi map key that is causing it, but nothing is mapped. I've completely scratched my setup and just opened a blank Ableton set and only had Alisha's keys and it still does the same thing. Any ideas


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    Does the volume slider in the main header drop down to about -20 ? This has been happening to Scarbee PBass in Cubase and it's usually when I apply the sustain pedal as a slide. See if it happens without using sustain and also try it independently in stand-alone.

    I'd like to know if its sustain related, as bizarre as that sounds, or if it's the instrument script.

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