Traktor Pro 3.8 doesn’t seem to store analysed data.

Jaxeed Member Posts: 8 Member

I have my music files stored on my local network, which has never been an issue before. All analysed data along with cue points etc. got saved, even though I was streaming the files from a local network location. Though, now after running Analyse(Async) in Traktor 3.8 on a number of new tracks and closing Traktor afterward, none of this data seems to be retained. Those tracks appear as if completely new and in need of analysis yet again once I start up Traktor. I’ve even tried deleting collection.nml to begrudgingly start fresh. The strange thing is the analysed data seem to store as the collection file is growing when I analyse tracks. However, none of this gets loaded when restarting Traktor and only files on the computers harddrive will keep its analysed data. The only version that doesn’t lose all analysed data on files from my local network upon restarting, seems to be version 3.53.

Is this a known issue with a possible fix?

Or is this a bug that will remain till we get another update?


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