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So I restarted my laptop and followed the directions on reinstalling to save my playlist. Can’t drop folders in the playlist any longer. I have to drop them on one dong at a time and noticed when I had tracks to the music folders it does not automatically load on the playlist. I do have the box checked for importing music at start up. Last thing I noticed the option to remove duplicates doesn’t work. And it does have the latest software. Can someone help. Thanks


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    Hi @BeeRok, quick questions to begin with: which specific directions were you following? Also, I do not completely understand your report regarding dropping folders 'in the playlist'. Could you please be a bit more specific about the actual workflow, and how it differs from earlier versions? Did removing duplicates work in your previously used update? Last question: which operating system and Traktor update are you using ?


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    Ok so I bought a used laptop and I couldn’t do certain things on it because of the old owners info. So I followed the directions on how to transfer the playlist and so fort to the new computer with the exception of saving the music because I have it on a portable hdd. I restarted the laptop. So the pic I sent you show it crashing when I try to add a folder of music to a playlist. So the music will stay on my hdd. I don’t put it on the computer. So the old playlist will not remove duplicates but if I make a new one it does, weird. Old playlist meaning what was saved before I restarted. All the playlists are there. I did have to analyze everything though. Here is a pic of the start up. This might have something to do with it . I have to go to the second pic and pic the older version to make it work.

    im running windows 10 amd Ryzen 7

    traktor version 3.80 46

    sorry for the long explanations but trying to give you the details. LMK what you figure out. Ty Braulio

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