How Do I set up headphones to the TRAKTOR S3 to hear the cue'd song while current song plays?

I have just bought the Traktor S3 with the Traktor PRO for a MAC and I cannot figure out how to set up and connect my headphones to hear the Cue'd song while the current song plays on a bluetooth speaker or other speaker out loud for the audience? Which settings do I need to set up to make this happen? Do I need to download something additional?


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,004 Expert

    You can't do that out of the box, unless you connect the speakers to the S3 output.

    Traktor can only "speak" to one audio device at a time.

    What you can do is use mac aggregate audio devices and combine the Bluetooth with the s3. In Traktor select the new aggregated device.

    Good luck.

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