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halion 7 crashing komplete kontrol

djwaxxy Member Posts: 41 Sine

ive been using halion 6 in komlete kontrol with no issues ive just updated to halion 7 and now komplete kontrol wont start..as its loading and it scans halion 7 it freezes and then crashes it wont get past it..

is anyone else having same issue?

im on windows 10 pc ..


  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 1,229 Pulse

    I updated to H7 and it’s fine for me, tho I have found it likes to crash just switching presets, tho I’d blame Steinberg for that over NI.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 4,491 mod

    @djwaxxy Do the crashes happen in Komplete Kontrol in standalone too? Have you tried resetting Komplete Kontrol's database?

    Reinitialize the KOMPLETE KONTROL Database

    1. In the Windows File Explorer, go to the following location on your computer:
    2. C: > Users > *Your Username* > AppData > Local > Native Instruments
    3. Note: The "AppData" folder is hidden. See this article for instructions to access hidden Windows folders.
    4. Search through the Native Instruments folder at this location to find the KOMPLETE KONTROL folder.
    5. Delete only the KOMPLETE KONTROL folder found here.
    6. Note: Deleting other NI product folders could result in unexpected behavior with other applications.

    It might be worth checking with Steinberg too, as Jester suggested.

  • djwaxxy
    djwaxxy Member Posts: 41 Sine

    thanks ill give this a try sorry late reply ive been sick so not been in studio

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