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Sacco Naz
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Can you use both the Remix Deck and the Pattern Player if you have 2 F1's?

I just noticed that you have to delete the F1 TSI in order to load the Pattern Player TSI

Does the mean you cannot have 2 F1's in Traktor using different TSI's

One for the Remix Deck and one for the Pattern Player...?




  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,459 Expert

    You can use both. Each mapping must be assigned to a different device.

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 118 Advisor

    Are you sure? Why do you have to delete the default F1 Mapping...? Thanks..!

  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,459 Expert

    You don't have to delete any mapping, but the default mapping must be set to a different device (or to no device) than the mapping for the pattern player commands.

    I own two F1 and use them regularly side by side with different mappings each (TEKKEN + Remix Deck controls). I am sure.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    Remix deck. Hands down. I wish Serato would have it...

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 118 Advisor

    Ok Thanks! I'll try it out... if it works I'll get you a cup of coffee!

  • pARty_bOy
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    Just to remind (Pattern Player) users with Kontrol F1/ D2, we could already do "patterns" with the "step sequencer" on Remix Decks, and we can use our own samples.

  • Demus
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    NI should have made more remix decks content for purchase rather than coding the pattern player. Just my opinion. Remix decks are much more feature rich than a straight up drum machine. and with the vast sample library that NI has, to me that's a no brainer.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    That's what i thought. If i want a crazy pattern with some modulation i do just that. More to the point, if you could save and load your created patterns for your remix deck, or even for your remix SETS, the pattern player becomes a gimmick, since working with it easily requires a separate controller.

  • Kayya
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    I agree with you. Remix deck is more advanced tools. Although he needed a few additions, he was good. I'm afraid we won't see any improvement on that side for a long time.

    Let's give pattern player a chance. don't think like a rhythm generator, it's just going to be a short-use effect. Simply use it, make impressive hits and the transition is complete. If we look at it this way, we can agree with it.

    When it comes to the remix deck, it should definitely have been very supported, it's really hard to create a set for him. In addition, he should have been able to perform functions such as step sequencer and sampler within a single map. There should have been 16 channel management. We don't get these out of our heads, the pioneer made this product in this way and sat in the center.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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