Traktor with Timecode Streaming to Obs- Timecode signal heard on stream

I got an djm 250mk2 for Timecode Vinyl via Traktor. I want to stream to obs. Set all channels to usb and connected to my MacBook Pro (m1 2021). Traktor recognizes the Timecode and on the outputs via headphone as well as the master output (connected via cinch to speakers) is well. But on the stream (input selected djm 250 on obs) you can hear the tc signal as well as the music. When I put the faders down only tc is heard. Tried different settings in the djm config with no change. In obs I can’t select a channel only djm 250.


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,084 Expert

    Can you show us your OBS audio settings?

    If you only can select the DJM and not specifically rec out it's going to be more difficult. There is no build in way in OBS to select the channels you want.

    Right now it probably take all 6 or 8 channels and downmixes it to stereo.

    You might have to get a 3rd party app like blackhole and use mac os aggregated devices to get only channel 5 and 6 into a fake device. Or something like that.

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