Which combo?: (Mikro MK3+ S61 MK2) or (MK3+S61 MK2)

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Hello ,

it’s me again which my ridiculous questions. Sorry for my ignorance and my poor English. But you know how that it is when you are a new comer in a world like NI.

I want to totally build my Home studio with NI mainly. So after Komplete 14 Standard. I want to make a hardware combo. Maschine + midi keyboard.

(Mikro MK3 + S61 MK2) or (MK3+ S61 MK2)

the price is the main argument but what about complementary ?

Thanks for ur lights


  • Uwe303
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    in general mk3 + S61 mk2 (maybe A61), but what music do you make are you a good keyboard player do you compose mainly on keyboard?

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    @Uwe303 i’m a good keyboard player. And I want to improve my Maschine skills. That’s why I want both of them.

    That’s why I think maybe for the beginning I need to make my first steps in Maschine universe with the Mikro MK3. Maybe my reflexion is wrong

  • Uwe303
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    So then a s series keyboard is right for you, and if you already use a DAW (which one?) and you just need the pads to bang some beats the mikro MK3 couid be enough. If you want to use it with maschine, then also take the maschine MK3 cause you will miss the encoders in this case.

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