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Hi I am a Mouldy Oldie and have taken up guitar, for my pleasure only. Now that I am retired I have time to learn the guitar and record myself for some extra fun. I would like to ask if anyone knows if there are any presets, or what settings (amps and pedals) I would need to get the Beatles sounds using guitar rig 6 software. I would like to play the sounds I grew up with that genuine sound. Any guidance would be most appreciated


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    Early Beatles sound is really about those Rickees and George's Gretch - Country Gentleman. Distinct sounding guitars. Too bad Scarbee didn't make a Richenbacher 325 sample library, he made the bass.

    One sound you could emualte is the Leslie cabinet - like the solo on Let it Be - using a Rotator. But no DSP can emulate pickups going through overdriven tubes like the intro to Rain. I guess its possible to make a fake simulation.

    But watch this and I'm sure you can find a sound that will sound like these. Tube Skreamer or the GR6 equivalent.

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    Guess I didn't really answer your question, but I can't help myself when it comes to talking about music. And I don't care what anyone thinks about that.

    I could talk about it all day. Try and stop me.

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    Actually you did help you gave me a starting point and a general direction where to start looking. So thank you for the assistance, and I'll see where it leads me 😀

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