Xone 23c & Traktor Pro 3

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Hola a todos, soy algo nuevo en esto,

lo primero mi equipo es: Xone 23c, dos controladoras traktor x1 y f1, unos monitores conectados por xlr a la xone23c, windows 11 y traktor pro 3.

Mi problema es el siguiente: en traktor trabajo con 2 decks ( A y B) y 2 remix decks. Yo puedo reproducir en traktor en los canales A y B pero luego el sonido sale a mi mixer solo por el canal A, haga lo que haga en las entradas y salidas sigue saliendo por el canal A de la Xone 23. Nose si necesito algun driver de la Xone23c o configurar bien las entradas y salidas de traktor. Espero ayuda por favor.


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    Hola @Shute,

    I took liberty to translate your post since this is an English-speaking community - please be so kind and translate your future answers as well. THX!

    "Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to this,

    First of all my equipment is: Xone 23c, two controllers traktor x1 and f1, some monitors connected by xlr to the xone23c, windows 11 and traktor pro 3.

    My problem is the following: in traktor I work with 2 decks (A and B) and 2 remix decks. I can play in traktor on channels A and B but then the sound comes out to my mixer only on channel A, whatever I do in the inputs and outputs still comes out on channel A of the Xone 23. I don't know if I need a driver for the Xone23c or to configure the inputs and outputs of traktor. I am waiting for help please."

    Depending on your operation system, you might need a driver to be able tom properly use the mixer - this is something you need to check with Allen & Heath. Just have a look at their downloads section for the x:one 23c.

    In Traktor, you need to make sure to set your Output Routing to External Mixing Mode and then assign the decks accordingly. Using four decks on a two-channel mixer is a bit tricky: of course you can assign both a Track Deck and a Remiox Deck to one output channel, but then prelistening only works when one of these decks isn't playing.

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