How to remove repro icons in Komplete Kontrol

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Hi. How do I remove u-he repro icons still showing in komplete kontrol? Thanks.

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    Thanks, but, that unfortunately didn't do it. I removed the whole Kinifonium folder in the specified location, and rescanned the plugins and the libraries in Komplete Kontrol then. It still shows Knifonium and its presets in Komplete Kontrol...

    I read about this before. I didn't really find any solution for this.

    Eit: Ok, I solved it now. :) As I wrote, I deleted the NKS folder of Knifonium, and then deleted the Komplete Kontrol database file, on Windows under C:/users/<MyUserName>/AppData/local/Native Instruments/Komplete Kontrol/komplete.db3. Then started Komplete Kontrol standalone, and, when it was booted up, I rescanned the plugin folders. Knifonium is gone now in Komplete Kontrol.

    I found how to do it here: Paragraph 3.

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    Solved my issue. Go to Registry editor HKEY_LOCAL_MASCHINE _ SOFTWARE _ Native Instruments

    Delete the file you want and it will not show in the Komplete Kontriol or Kontakt browser.

    Hope that helps.


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