Please help me find this song

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I'm new here but I thought I'd ask for your guys help on a song I've been looking for quite some time, Hopefully one of you recognize it. Gonna guess this song came out between 1987-1988. I would say its an underground track since I couldn't find it. I remember first hearing it on a news segment in 1989 and the catchy instrumental of the song got me hooked on to it but I never knew the title of the song. Then I found the video of it on YouTube and been digging around trying to find it for a while but never could.

The song appears from the 0:40-0:48 second mark when the blue minitruck cruises by with a white truck right next to it.

Its kind of hard to hear because of the news commentator in the back and you can't really hear the lyrics.

But if you recognize the song from the instrumental that would be a big help.

The Drum roll in the beginning of it sounds very familiar as well, I thought it would be something from Def Jam at the time but it from my research of it, It doesn't seem like it.

I've been trying to find this song for the longest but I've been coming up short in trying to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try to use Google search audio feature to find the song.

    It might help.

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