Reaktor performance on big.little PC (Alter-/Raptor lake)

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Finally made my way into the new forum. Hi!

Title says it all. Anyone any experiences with that?



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    Which processor exactly? 🙂 There are loads of Raptor Lakes, from low end to high end.

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    One user had problems with big.little on Reaktor.

    Win sheduler placed Reaktor thread on big core and after few seconds reallocated to little one so causing dropouts and so... The solution was to disable little cores..... One could also set affinity of cores and so....

    If using 12th and higher gen of Intel you have to use Win 11, Win 10 cannot handle big.little correctly. And Win 11 sometimes OK, sometimes not so OK.

    The question is, why Intel and not AMD? AMD does not have big.little, so no problems. And it is easier to cool AMD, it takes an half to one third of power for the same task, comparing to Intel....

    And very soon AMDs with huge L3 cache will come. Might be good for big Kontakt libraries.

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    the plan was to get a i7 13600 and win 11.

    I like the Idea of the e-cores. And AFAIK AMD will jump on it at some point, so given time the os and applications will be able to handle it better I hope. But I'll definitely check AMD also.

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