Using Kontakt with Abbey Road Drums Live

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Trying to use Abbey Road Modern Drummer with my new Yamaha DTX10. This is for a live situation rather than recording. Can I use just Kontakt or do I need to use Kontakt through a DAW? How do I monitor the plug-in? Do I have to take an audio feed out of the laptop or can the audio be sent back to the DTX module via the USB?


  • DunedinDragon
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    I would assume you would go USB out from the DTX Pro brain into your laptop hosting the Abbey Road drum kits. From there you'd have to refer to your DTX manual as far as whether your USB provides some separate stereo channels on that USB for sending it back to the DTX. Alternatively you could output to a separate USB audio interface and send XLR directly to the mixing board and have it routed to your stage monitors. You could do any of those things with just the Kontakt instance running standalone.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @SIMONKIRK You would need an audio output for Kontakt on your computer. I'm not sure how the DTX module works but it probably has it's own dedicated output. Feeding back the output from Kontakt in it would induce latency (even if it was possible). @DunedinDragon put you in the right direction here regarding an USB audio interface and a mixer.

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