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Installing Products on Legacy OS After Native Access 1 Discontinued

adEY08394 Member Posts: 24 Sine

If I keep copies of all the product installers that I have licenses for, will I still be able to reinstall them onto legacy OS's after Native Access 1 is discontinued?


  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 826 Saw
    edited February 18
  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 1,651 Pulse


    Well, you will be able to install them, but they will run as Demo..... :-( Because without NA, you will not be able to authorise them....

    NA2 officially suports only Win 10 and 11. But maybe NA2 runs also on Win7, 8, ... In that case you might use NA2 instead of NA1.

  • adEY08394
    adEY08394 Member Posts: 24 Sine
    edited February 20

    I tried installing NA2 on W7. NA2 installs but then the installation process gets stuck when installing one of the dependencies. It installs "Microsoft Visual C+ + 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) -14.30.30708", but then gets stuck installing what ever the next dependency was.

  • adEY08394
    adEY08394 Member Posts: 24 Sine
    edited February 20


    Acronis Try&Decide is great for testing SW. You run Try&Decide, then make whatever changes you want to your PC. Then if you want to undo the changes you just select "Discard with Reboot" and Try&Decide reboots the PC and everything is restored back to how it was. It made testing NA2 and then reverting back to NA1 hassle free.

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