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So i have had my maschine for 3 years amd love it but prefer mixing my music in Reaperfor more control and finer automation however, when exporting the stems (Raw no fx or eq comp nothing) no fx on Master buss and loading them into my Daw i have used Logic, studio one and now My main Daw reaper. I always felt the audio sounded different once inside the DAW, my sample rate bit depth in maschine my audio interface and on the export menu are all exactly the same. I am exporting Wav files which are lossless but the audio is changing i have been going around in circles thinking i am going insane i have tried using it as a plug in dragging and dropping the wav files and it still is changing the audio i just bounced a loop of the kick drum whilst i had maschine open and playing inverted the phase and it doesnt null there is an audible click im going to raise a ticket with support but wondered if anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Dsaro The Maschine audio engine and the Reaper audio engine probably interact in a way that pleases you. Rendering the audio track just from Maschine, even with the same sample frequency and bit depth and putting it back in Reaper might be slightly different. Have you considered exporting the tracks of the Maschine plug-in inside Reaper (re-recording as new audio tracks). You could route your Maschine groups or tracks within Reaper and simply record the tracks in Reaper. We don't have a designated article or video for Reaper but this one on Ableton should give you an idea: How to Route MASCHINE 2 Sounds to Separate Audio Tracks in Ableton Live

    I hope that helps!

  • Dsaro
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    Thanks for your reply Jeremy yeah i know you can route it to new tracks groups or tracks in Reaper and Record the audio as new seperate items but it just seems strange that you cannot export a wav file put it in your DAW and it is the exact copy of what you made if nothing had changed (sample rate, bit depth etc ) then it doesn't make sense why its not the same the files are dofferent in level and even when they are they dont null when flipping the phase on one exporting and dragging in is just a quicker workflow less headache suurely this is a bug no? I have raised a ticket just wanted to see if anyone else has a similar issue

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