S4 mk3 doesn't recognize XLR connection on main out

I had a gig on Saturday and the power briefly flickered, shutting down the console. I quickly powered back up and couldn't get sound. I went home and connected to RCAs on Main Out and it was fine. Had another gig on Sunday and it wouldn't recognize the XLR connection again. Fortunately, someone had a 1/4 inch to 2 XLR so I ran from the headphone jack and played my set but I when I look at the output settings, even though XLRs are connected to both the console and the speakers, it shows as "not connected". Using the most recent update of Traktor Pro3.


  • lord-carlos
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    I don't think the software can see if anything is physically connected.

    If you are in the settings -> "output routing". If that says " - not connected - " it just means you have to select an out channel. Click it and select "main/booth"

    Edit: Make sure the right audio device is selected. On windows it sometimes can happen that it switched so "s4 WASAPI" instead of "s4 asio" etc.

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