effects/convolution/wet FINE ADJUSTMENT?

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Can I simply enter a NUMERICAL VALUE for "wet" settings? Shift/mouse wheel is supposed to provide micro-adjustments to the "wet" settings. But it just doesn't work that well.

How can I simply ENTER a number for the "wet" setting in the same way I can enter a number for the IR settings for convolution effects?



  • Gee_Flat
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    The only way is to use it as a 'send effect'.

    That way you can adjust the level with a dial or a numeric data input. Add the Sends in an insert chain, or as a 'group insert effect send' applied to all groups if that's what you need.

    Also, if you use it as a Group insert effect send, you can do some cool stuff with modulation, like add an LFO or an envelope, or even have it respond to velocity.

    edit: I see you joined in 2014, so obviously you didn't need the added instruction on how to use effects.

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    Right. I can live with that. Thanks.

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    Are you talking about KFL2 instruments? Yes, somehow miraculously they forgot to add Shift+drag finetuning to knobs across the board...

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