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I just owned a Komplete S88 MkII recently. Incredible keyboard but…

I would like to have light guides for non nks instruments. For example → Sine Player or Expression maps

To do so I heared about the creation of a midi template on KK.

I created a midi template in KK for a specific instrument with the specific key range and the keyswitch. So I have it on KK and it works fine.

In Cubase, I created a track with the instrument and chose the midi template for that track. Until there it’s ok !

But when I switch to another track it keeps the same midi template. So at this moment I can’t use more than 1 midi template for a complete session which is particulary anoying as I’m used to work with very big sessions.

I’m sure I could save a kind of preset thing that allows me to change a specific midi template for every track.

So at the moment I can only use a midi template for my entire session without taking any specificities of every track…

I don’t know if that could be a question for Cubase users of NI KK users… But if someone could help many thanks to you.




  • MyStudioOne
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    If you have say 4 templates that you created in KK standalone for various 3rd party plugins they can of course be used only when you put the MK2 into midi mode. You can scroll through the templates from you keyboard using the preset up/down buttons (again when in midi mode) thereby manually activating the correct template you set up for the particular plugin active in your session. Is this what you want or did I not understand your question?

  • omiliton
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    Thanks for this. Yes, I put the midi mode and I can scroll through the templates. But if I have more than one instruments which needs a template, the system in the MK2 keeps the last midi template I have.

    So for example, if I have 2 instruments with 2 different midi templates : I program the first instrument with the 1st midi template and the second with the second. But when I come back to the 1st, the midi template is the last (so it's the midi template of the 2nd)... Why there is no memory of the midi template chosen ?

    Hope it's more understanble...

    Thanks for your help

  • MyStudioOne
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    ahh.... Gotcha. Midi mode is totally manual/standalone. Midi mode DAW integration is only a dream at this point, sadly. Cheers.

  • omiliton
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    Thanks MyStudioOne.

    I think it could be a real improvement to open these possibilities either directly on the Komplete Kontrol and be able to create our own instrument (for example with 3rd party plugins like Sine player / spitfire Labs / etc.) with our specific light guides or to connect the midi mode with a configuration in the track.

  • Danix78
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    Yes, MIDI presets don't follow DAW tracks... the alternative would be to render third party instruments in NKS format... but I've seen that it's not entirely simple... I still have to study the process... someone do you have any advice?

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