STANDALONE MODE - live performing/multitracking tips

filip pietrzykowski
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I wanted to edit the original post, but wasn't able to do so, hence this post with a link.

Maschine in STANDALONE MODE - that was missing from the main description.

Multitracking Maschine within a DAW, when she is a plugin is not difficult taks..

This post is about using Maschine Standalone, as it makes it work as intended- as in instrument, where inside DAW it's not the Maschine anymore - anyone who uses it knows it

I believe there are folks here who perform live, with additional streaming, and here is the solution for multitrack the performance without a/d/a conversion and few dozen cables:)



  • Cretin Dilettante
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    I've been thinking about A/D/A conversion a lot lately, within the context of all these hybrid devices. It doesn't make sense to me that at the very least, there isn't an "overbridge-like" standard that all manufacturers can use with their products to get audio and midi out through usb. I went down a whole rabbit hole trying to figure out if it was possible to cheaply use my laptop as an extra sound module/DIY Akai Force and I was looking at spending $600 on a pair of ADAT compatible interfaces or fiddling with audio over IP. (which also doesn't work very well unless you have expensive peripherals.). There just has to be a better way!

    Thanks for the guides, btw!

  • Flexi
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    iConnectivity audio 4+, plug both Force and Maschine+ in to the same interface at the same time, has two host USB ports (You will need to set up the routing on a computer before hand and save it to the interface)

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