Why is imported playlist empty?

I updated TraktorPro 3 because I own a MAC M1. However, I now notice that many playlists are empty. but files exist. Then got the old version working again and exported the playlists and wanted to paste them back into the new update. But the playlists are still empty. A comparison with Bracket (HTML program) shows that the paths in the file are the same. What do I have to do to make the import work? Thanks


  • Uwe303
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    maybe that helps, even if you come from version 2 to 3 i guess. https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209590429-How-to-Transfer-TRAKTOR-Collections-Playlists-and-Settings-to-Another-Computer

  • Benzer81
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    Thanks for the answer! But that doesn't get me any further! I've tried a few things now. So far without success. I compared new playlists from 3.7.1 and playlists from 3.5.3. There are no differences!!! I do not understand any of this. It's going to be a huge hassle to get the playlists back now. Why? Some playlists are completely empty or only partially. Is there a way to filter out the playlists from old collections by program or manually?

  • Benzer81
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    Even if I now export playlists with version 3.7.1 and want to reimport them again, no songs are displayed in the playlist! That must be a mistake on Traktor's part

  • Uwe303
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    Have you tried the consistency check?

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    It can be frustrating when playlist files appear to be empty, despite the files being present. In this case, it's possible that there may be compatibility issues between the old and new versions of TraktorPro 3. It's also possible that the file paths may not be set up correctly in the new version. One potential solution is to try using third-party software like MusConv to transfer your playlists between versions of TraktorPro 3.

  • Sacco Naz
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    This has been happening to me all YEAR...I've imported and reimported spending HOURS and Hours...

    Then finally managed to rebuild the Playlists and today they are all empty AGAIN...

  • dedit
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    Hey all. Any resolution to missing tracks from playlists?

    Just installed traktor on my MacBook pro os 12.7.2 running 3.10.1 and created a bunch of playlists. Quit traktor and rebooted and all the tracks that were added are gone. Even when exporting a playlist and reimporting it there are no tracks. This is obviously an issue that many people are having. Is it a read write issue with the playlists?

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