Two nice&helpful suggestions for Battery 5

NIMichi Member Posts: 11 Member
edited February 2023 in Battery 4

1.sample trigger delay in ms and beat sync/subdivisions (1/16, 1/8,...)

PLEASE add a sample trigger delay, which trigger a sample of a cell a specific time LATER like in beat sync(subdivisions) and in miliseconds delay. This is the most important wish for me....

This would be really great.

This is gold for layering samples which needs sample trigger delays for creative usage.

2.Single/Mute Button Behaviour:

I cannot find a setting in the options for changing the "Single" and "Mute" setting of cells don't change the cell selection together.

Problem: I edit cells by accident very often even if I remind me often that the cell focus is changing when muting/solo-ing a cell.


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