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Hi! I have a long-term problems with my Komplete setup.

I bought Komplete 11 with Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard a few years ago and now I have problem with connection of Keyboard. On my Windows PC I downloaded Komplete Kontrol, but I can't connect to my keyboard. I red a lot of articles ''HOW TO'', but nothing helped me. I can use my keyboard in my DAW with keys of keyboard, but I can't use it with KK.

When I open Komplete Kontrol and connect with USB cabel my keyboard to PC I can't see an options to find my keyboard in KK. The serial number of Keyboard I added into Native Accses of course.

Another problem.

On my MAC I can't download anything from my Native Acces. When I try download any of those apps, it shows Download failed. Also when I added serial number of keyboard into Native Acces, I'm waithing and waiting for registred my product - but nothing happening.

Please, help me! The whole weekend I'm trying to figured out how to fix it.

Have a nice day!



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    maybe we try one problem at a time, if you plug in the keyboard with usb and go into the device manager do you see it? There must be 3 entries under "audio,video, game controller", one "kk s49 midi", "kk s49 dfu" and "bomemidi kk s49 daw" - or like that. Does it light up, is the power supply conected? You can´t add the serials more than once, you just install native access, log into your account then you can download your products, also on different computers.

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    @Michal For the issue with Komplete Kontrol on your PC, please check these steps: My KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboard Does Not Start

    To reset Komplete Kontrol to default so it shows your products and plug-ins follow these steps: KOMPLETE KONTROL Crashes

    For your Mac, check this article: Native Access Error Message: "Installation Failed" (Mac)

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