How to connect two S4 mk3 ?

Hello guys , me and my friend both have an s4 mk3 and we would like to mix together b2b , in the manual of the S4 says that you can connect another S4 to the USB HUB of the first one , but does that only gives a current power or they both can be mixing using the same laptop and library ?


  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,002 Expert

    As far as I know the USB port on the back is just an ordinary hub. Just like plugging into the computer directly.

    The manual says "for example, another TRAKTOR controller" not another s4. Like a Traktor F1.

    Maybe if you connect both, select one for the audio and both "just work"? Not sure, try it and tell us what happens.

    But I don't see the benefit of two S4s. You still only get audio from one, so you have to share a headset. If you use a splitter cable for headphones you still hear the same cue. At that point just do b2b like everyone else.

  • Stevan
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    Each unit needs a power supply to run screens and motors, that's for sure.

  • bossplaya3055
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    Yes , if you connect one to another it just uses one or another , the software let you chose between them but you cant use both at the same time.

    So yeah , if you want to mix b2b you need 2 laptops and the mixers connected via the audio chanel , not the usb cable.

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