Expanded Color Tagging + Brighter Colors in TP3

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I'm a big fan of color-tagging the majority of tracks. I have a good organization system that makes it super easy to just look at a playlist and see what kind of energy each track brings. I would love to see more colors or even a feature where we can add up to "x" amount of custom colors via a color wheel. It just allows more in-depth organization for those who want to use it. It could be put in the "Browser Details" settings section, where we could add and change the order of colors that would appear in the drop-down menu when tagging.

An issue I have currently with TP3's color system is that the colors are way too dim when looking at playlists compared to TP2. They definitely need to be brightened up against the dark background of TP3. I have to constantly look at the color dot on the far left just to tell what color I'm using. I have my font size at 14, but only at 32 can you really see the colors contrast against the dark background.

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