"3/4 Loop" option in the Loop section of Traktor PRO

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Hello guys, I've been using Traktor for almost a decade now and some guy on youtube, after doing some simple math and using CDJ 2000 Nexus found out that you can make good transitions by using a 3/4 loop.


Current track playing at 90bpm with a 3/4 loop can transition to 120bpm track

Current track playing at 105bpm with a 3/4 loop can transition to 140bpm track

Current track playing at 120bpm with a 3/4 loop can transition to 160bpm track

Current track playing at 130.5bpm with a 3/4 loop can transition to 174bpm track


Current track BPM divided by 0.75 = Next Track's BPM

So my question is for the developers and tech's. Can we please get a 3/4 option in the loop section of Traktor Pro? and if not, is there a way of us doing that with our current softwear and hardwear?

For example I currently own a Traktor Control S4 Mk3.


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  • heiszundfettig
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    I wanted to ask the same thing. Great Idea! So as I thought there is no possible way with any of the effects in Traktor pro3 to create such an 3/4 Roll/Loop effect.

  • slinksta007
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    I also wanted to ask for 64 beat bar loop..?

    Hi guys. 

    can u introduce Feature request for 64 bar/beat loop as well as current that only goes upto 32 either way? 

    as many measures in tracks go for 64 beats or bars. 

    joey :)

  • Anselm.
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    you can actually remove 1 beat from the loop within a mapping. that's the way I do it atm... additional trick: set fine loop out move

  • lord-carlos
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    For now you can use the Beatmasher fx to do the same.

    okay in traktor you gotta use the beatmasher 2 effect with setting gate 100 rot 0 len 3/16

    Figuret out by Wayfinder.

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