Feature request: Make Presets Midi-Assignable (Komplete Kontrol)

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it seems that it is not possible to Midi assign specific presets of Komplete Kontrol.

It would be great if you could prove me wrong though, or show me a good work around.

The reasoning behind Midi-assigning specific presets is: Imagine having a huge beautiful touch-surface with many buttons (just an example. Could be any controller). Each of those buttons can be named after your most favorite sounds. I guess you would love it, when those buttons actually work, and load your favorite preset via a Midi CC assignment. It is a way faster method of loading up presets compared to using the Keyboard-Knobs, because it is just one click, compared to "accessing your favorite list with a knob, scrolling around in the list till you find the specific preset, and then pressing enter to load it up."

The only workaround to achieve this is actually loading many instances of Komplete Kontrol into Ableton, and activate/deactivate those instances via dummy clips of a chain selector. This is cluttering the whole Liveset full of Komplete Kontrol instances - AND does not properly un-load used presets out of the RAM, even when they got de-selected!

Thus the possibility to directly load presets via midi assignments would be greatly appreciated!

The picture below pretty much sums it all up: you can see Omnisphere within Komplete Kontrol. Right clicking a preset in the Omnisphere browser opens the submenu for MIDI CC LEARN, while right clicking a preset in the Komplete Kontrol Browser does not. I would be very happy if that could change :)


  • nowiamone
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    I forgot to mention: please prove me wrong. If the preset-midi-assignment should already work, i m more than happy to learn how. :)

  • JesterMgee
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    There is no way to assign a preset to load via midi or program change commands. Best solution is to mark as favourites then filter the faves and cycle through using the KK keyboard or map midi controls to the next/prev midi controls in KK (note this midi button only displays when no KK keyboard is connected):

  • nowiamone
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    Haha, thanks Jason for answering here, too :D (i wrote you on email some days ago)

    I had the hope that maybe someone else has a special idea, but it seems not - only way seems the preset-list-scrolling/clicking, yes.

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