NI One still a thing?

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Anyone remmeber the NI One project where there was going to be potential integration between Traktor/Maschine/Komplete Kontrol to get the best of all worlds in one package? I know Serato Studio is beginning to do something similar by integrating their DJ setups within their 'DAW'.


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    One Native was called but it wasn’t what you thought…

    Latest news on parent brand Soundwide are this:

    There was also another thread about “marketplace” chance and NI stuff didn’t seem believing something like that as true possibility… it was “that” the aim for One Native and it isn’t anymore? Wasn’t never?

    Since there’s some CEO movement it’s hard to say what’s happening and, as usual, forum isn’t the place where expect answer from NI. Even these articles are full of “regular positive-but-truly-void-of-substance” statements so it’s up to the user to figure if keeping the faith (and money) worth the trust or not.

    I will love to be proved wrong and things become different but for the Traktor first statement from Pedram I needed to ask directly over IG because the usual forum “noise” wasn’t enough to catch the attention, sadly…

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    thanks for the response

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