Official update status - Massive (current version: 1.5.12)

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This thread provides information about upcoming patches for Massive. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.


The currently available software version is 1.5.12. Please make sure that your installation is up to date.


1.5.12 - 2023-03-09

  • ADDED AAX Apple Silicon support
  • FIXED Selected items in the browser are now shaded correctly
  • FIXED Massive no longer crashes when the database is rebuilt from the Options menu

1.5.11 - 2022-11-01

FIXED Maschine could crash if a kit containing Massive was loaded before product scanning was finished

1.5.10 - 2022-10-18

Minimum OS required is now Windows 10 or macOS 10.15.

ADDED Apple Silicon support - restart your computer after installation to ensure correct plugins are used by DAWs

1.5.9 - 2021-11-18

Last version supporting Windows 7 and macOS 10.12.

ADDED VST3 plug-in target

ADDED Rosetta 2 Apple Silicon support

ADDED Display plugin target in about screen (AU/AAX/VST/VST3)

FIXED High CPU usage and potential crash when starting MASSIVE offline

FIXED Duplicating tracks with program lists active would overwrite parameter values with those from the last selected program

FIXED Glide Traversal Modes (Equal/Rate) do not get changed while browsing presets

FIXED The menu would not work properly when opened in multiple plugin instances

FIXED The preset browser could sometimes become slow and unresponsive when navigating long preset lists

REMOVED KSD batch import

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