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I just wanted to share a quick workaround that may be of interest to some.

Like many, I've tried to find simple ways to print the midi directly into Logic without performing in the Maschine software and using the drag and drop method or any convoluted routing.

My workaround is simply using the Maschine 2 standalone software and setting the midi output to Maschine 2 out.

Back in logic you can go to any soft synth instrument and select Maschine 2 as in the instruments input. Now you can play that instrument using Maschines features (arp, keyboard, chords, etc) and it will print the midi straight into the track within Logic.

I hope this helps!


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    Where in Logic do you change the midi input for a single instrument?

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    I've been using this recently, in both directions—for having MIDI sequencers in Logic drive Maschine sounds, and to bring Maschine MIDI back into Logic. I use the Blackhole audio driver in Maschine and run its sounds into a few channels there for recording.

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    Click "> Track" on the inspector window on the left to expand the Track details. There you will see a Midi In port (aka device) and Midi channel selector. Once you have Maschine standalone set to output via Maschine 2 virtual out, logic will see this as a selectable input device.

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    I started maschine 2 in stand alone and went to midi out preferences and checked the "Maschine 2 virtual output"

    I then started Logic and selected a track. I don't seem to have the "midi in" option unless you are talking about "Channel" which is grayed out for me.

    What am I missing?

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    Make sure to set it for the pad output (to the virtual output, NOT None as pictured). A maschine sound doesn't even need to be loaded since in this case all we are concerned with is transmitting midi.

    Back in Logic check your midi preferences and make sure Maschine 2 Virtual Output is enabled as a midi device. Much the same way you did in your first screenshot within maschine. Once this is done it should appear in the track window. If you still can't get it to work I'll record a video for you.

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    That's what I was missing! Thank you very much!

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    routing Midi from Maschine to DAW as described above unfortunately doesn't work in my setup. Maybe someone can give me a hint...

    Actually I'd like to use Maschine 2.16.0 as AU Plug-in in Logic 10.7.5 and record Midi directly in Logic (no drag and drop, no switching to Midi-Mode etc.). I tried a bunch of different settings but wasn't able to get a Midi-Signal into Logic.

    I also tried to do this with Live 11.2.6. But that didn't work either.

    First I opened Maschine as Plug-in in Logic and made sure that Midi out is routed to host:

    then I checked that Maschine virtual Midi Out appears as Midi In in Logic

    But no matter what I select, there's no Input Signal that could be recorded.

    Then I checked the Midi Input Preferences in Logic and was surprised by the large number of virtual ports (but hey, better more than less 😉)

    Then I tried the same with Ableton Live (with both, AUv2 and VST3) with the same result -> Ports appear, but no Midi Input / recording.

    Afterwards I used Maschine in Stand-alone-Mode with enabled virtual Midi Outputs and with corresponding Midi Output routing.

    But same there, no success.

    To complete my research I tried everything using Logic and Live with Rosetta. Guess what... no success.

    Any idea what I am missing or what else I could try?


  • D-One
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    AU v2 plugins can't send MIDI to DAW, so don't bother trying. (hence the workarounds described on this thread...)

    As for Ableton + VST2 / 3 you need to tell the MIDI track to receive MIDI from the Track that has the Maschine-2 Plugin, like so:

    And also set up a sound/group in Maschine to send MIDI to host. (receive it too if you plan to have the actual instrument in Maschine VS having it in the Ableton Track)

    What you see in the pic, is exactly what you cannot do with AUv2/Logic.

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    Hey D-One,

    It finally works with Live. Thank you so much. I obviously had a totally wrong idea of how Midi routing to host/DAW works.

    That this doesn't work with AUv2/Logic is actually not what I wanted to hear - hard life 😉

    Thanks again for your absolutely helpful comment!

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    Thanks for this it was annoying me too - works a treat :)

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