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Ejub Petrovac
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As of now, the played tracks are marked with a checkmark "✓" in the icons tab in browser.

What I would like to suggest is that you to implement in some future updates is color coding the font (same way that Serato does for example). It's much easier that whole track name turns blue for example than looking for that small checkmark in the icons tab.

You already have color coding options, you could also implement it that way (since I don't use color coding for my playlists I would also be okay if you added option with some neutral color to mark the already played track in that set).

Hope you'll consider it as I don't think this would be that hard to implement.

Best regards!

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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thank you, we’re tracking demand for this feature. More details are always welcome so feel free to include more info as outlined in our guidelines to help us better understand your use case:

  • Ejub Petrovac
    Ejub Petrovac Member Posts: 25 Advisor


    Here are some visual examples on how this idea should be implemented. Keep in mind that this wouldn't add color to the whole column (like the colors option that we already have for better library management).

    This is an image of how the "tracks played" feature is implemented now in Traktor (with check markers - ✓ inside the icons tab in browser):

    This is an example of how I would it to be implemented (the column containing chosen track info - title, artist etc. should be colored in some other color, like blue for example, anything that isn't white as it is in browser currently):

    Also cool option (but not extremely necessary would be to give us the options of colors to choose from (blue, yellow etc.)

  • Owner
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    edited August 2022

    thank you @Ejub Petrovac - good suggestion!

    since i often play whole nights alone and therefore need several playlists with well over 100 songs, that would help me a lot through the evening.

    but i would appreciate it if the songs weren't marked in colour, because otherwise the color codes of individual titles would conflict and the clarity would probably suffer as a result.

    so it would probably be easy if the songs already played were greyed out and only faintly visible in the background. if someone needs an image processing for visualization here, i can gladly submit it at another time.

    note: my workaround at the moment is that i sort two columns in the browser at the same time. first the order of the first column with the hook and the second column i sort by bpm. this means that songs played move up in the playlist. unfortunately, I get another bug from time to time, that after loading a deck, the playlist keeps jumping up to the top line and I have to scroll the current entry again. or just tap the spacebar twice. I prefer not to touch the laptop too much while playing.

  • SeulStizz
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    I've gotten pretty used to the check mark and haven't had any mistakes. Still, I agree, it is a bit cumbersome.

    Maybe it could be as simple as making un-played tracks bold and played tracks not bold and italicized

    Option for strikethrough?

  • George R.
    George R. Member Posts: 3 Member

    This is a good idea as it does not create confusion with the songs that the user has defined some color.

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