Ideas Submission Guidelines

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Any suggestions for improvement of functionalities and features are welcome at the Ideas section. 


  1. Make a suggestion related to TRAKTOR PRO only.
  2. Check first if there are existing ideas. If there’s a similar idea, you can show support by upvoting and leaving a comment. Any duplicates will be removed.
  3. Make one feature suggestion per post. 
  4. No third party or pricing related feature suggestions. 
  5. Not all ideas are created equal. A post with detailed descriptions, use cases and even UI mockups are easier for others to understand and contribute. 

To make sure your idea is as clear and precise as possible, please use the following structure in the description:

Version and Setup: Exact revision number of the release as well as specifics of your setup.

As a [...]: State what type of TRAKTOR user you are.

I want to [...]: Describe the task you want to perform. 

So that I can [...]: Specify the goal you want to achieve. 


Once your idea is successfully posted, it will be open for other community members to pitch in. The beta ideas page contains all submitted suggestions that are open for voting. If you agree it's a great idea, please upvote and share your case use in a comment section.

The more upvotes your post gets, the more visible it is in the forum. The more support it gets, the more likely your idea will be considered. While we do not implement features based solely on their popularity, posts that receive the most votes and matter the most to the community will be prioritized and reviewed by the product team. 


See how your idea can reach the TRAKTOR team in the chart below.

New idea

Each new idea will be checked by the community team if it meets all the requirements. If your idea complies with our requirements, we will open it to community members to vote.

Collecting upvotes

This is the information gathering stage where we gauge how important this feature is to the community.

In review

If your idea gets 30 upvotes in under 3 months, we will bring it up to the TRAKTOR team’s attention. This is the prioritization stage where we discuss internally on the feasibility of the idea you suggested.

In consideration

You idea is being considered for future iterations. This is however no guarantee of future inclusion. The TRAKTOR team will add it to the development queue as soon as resources allow.


Your feature idea has been developed and shipped in the latest release.


If your idea doesn't get 30 upvotes in under 3 months, it means your idea doesn't receive enough support from the community and will be closed.

If your idea has been reviewed and is determined by the TRAKTOR team that the feature will not be part of our plans, it will be closed.

However, that doesn’t mean we might not consider it in the future. 🙂

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