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merve Member Posts: 11 Advisor

It would be nice if Traktor had a 'smart' BPM syncing when trying to match songs that are better suited for double or half BPM.

An example would be a trap song at 70 BPM or 140 BPM. When mixing with a reggae song, one would want the BPM at 70, but if you want to mix with some faster dance/house tracks, a 140 BPM would be ideal.

It would be great if traktor to adjust to the nearest multiple of the BPM so we don't have to edit the beat grid to make these tracks mix, even though they are the same....

Make sense?

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This idea has been reviewed by the TRAKTOR team. We will consider adding it to our roadmap.


  • Owner
    Owner Member Posts: 275 Pro

    +1 this is also on my long term wishlist!

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin

    Thanks @merve for submitting this idea. We’re now tracking demand for this feature.

  • mfaw
    mfaw Member Posts: 2 Member

    extremely support! this is a huge creative tool to be able to use- i use traktor as my primary software but will brainstorm in something like virtualDJ solely because of this and stem mixing.

  • dariodelima
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    Yes, this feature is in Rekordbox and works well, /2x2 bpm can be synced no need to change bpm tempo manually. Hopefully this could be implemented at the same time as the quantize value beats, since they would work hand in hand with one another.

  • Marcal303
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    edited February 8

    Voted! 👍

    In addition to the Smart BPMs sync, another useful feature would be to have Global Quantise options (2 bar, 1 bar, 1 beat, 1/2 beat, 1/4 beat etc...).

    It's only a few votes away from the 30 required. It's a long-time requested feature—already present on Traktor 2 for iPad.

    Please support this feature here: 🙏

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