Is 'Maschine 2 Essentials' + 'Maschine 2 Factory Library' the same as "Maschine 2" in 'Nat. Access'?

Guitarbinge86 Member Posts: 43 Member

I apologize b/c I had a similar question a while back, but now I have a new PC and just wanted to double check. Since I had 'Maschine 2 Essentials' first then upgraded, my 'Native Access' shows 'Maschine Essentials 2' & 'Maschine 2 Factory Library'... In the tutorial videos it shows "Maschine 2" in 'Native Access', but I think it all comes down to the content... Am I all good, or should I try and get a "Maschine 2 " application to download?

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