Maschine Full Library Upgrade vs. Software Update

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I recently purchased the 'Maschine Mikro Mk3', which came with the 'Maschine Factory Selection' app. I then purchased the upgrade for the 'Maschine Full Library'. Does that mean I have 2.0? or do I still not have what's offered in the 'Maschine 2.0 Update'? Please let me know asap b/c sales ending. (It shows the 'Update' as purchasable, while the software or 'upgrade' isn't b/c I own them)...

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    So, the Maschine Mikro MK3 already comes with Maschine 2 software. It's called Maschine 2 Essentials and basically includes the full Maschine 2 software plus the 1.6 GB Maschine Factory Selection library. If you want more sounds, then the Factory Library is the way to go.

    In other words: You have everything now.

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    Okay, thanks... I'm glad


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