Native Access 3.8.0 now live!

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Hi all.

3.8.0 has finally been shipped! This is the release that we hope should address some download issues, and officially supports Sonoma for MacOS. We did a lot of work on the tech behind the scenes, so we're monitoring this version very closely. We welcome any bug reports through our support workflow here, so we can continue to address Sonoma/download bugs that might appear as a result of all of the changes.

We initially promised this version in mid November. During testing we encountered a few blocking bugs that were easily reproduceable and needed immediate attention, and as a result had to delay a few times. To remediate this, we added even more quality of life elements to this release, such as most if not all of the minor feedback given during our Quarterly update, and an improvement to the NA startup experience. See our Release Notes to see everything that's been changed.

If you encounter an issue updating, where on startup you get "Unable to start the NTK Daemon" screen, try quitting the NTK Daemon process and restarting Native Access. Hopefully that should resolve matters. If not, reach out to support so we can assist you there!

Thank you all for your patience, and let us know how the experience is for you!



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