Issue with playlist importing/exporting and manually fixing via notepad++

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So i recently had quite the odd experience with traktor playlists. Namely when importing the playlist into another computer most of the tracks were missing.

However upon further digging I found some key differences in the .nml file via notepad++.

The tracks that did correctly import back into traktor had this at the end of their </ENTRY>


Comparing to a track that didn,t import which had this:


Changing that there was another difference in the KEY=

tracks that imported "A:/:Music/:house/...

tracks that imported tracks that didn,t import "/:A:/:Music/:house/...

After manually going through the tracks that didn,t import and changing the directory values to match they all imported.

Question still remains however, what has caused this to start happening and how to fix it? Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

Manually going through a playlist export is quite a bit of work, specially with hundreds of tracks.

PS. bit of system info: Windows 11

Traktor 3.8.0

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