Issue/Bug with MIDI input modules

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This is an issue that has continued to plague me for some time now. It was not present in 6.4.0, but appeared in one of the updates since then.

I am encountering it on 3 different laptops:

2023 M2 MacBook pro, running Ventura 13.4 and Reaktor 6.5.0

2018 i7 Macbook pro, running Catalina and Reaktor 6.5.0

2015 i5 Macbook pro, running Mojave and Reaktor 6.4.3

The issue appears to be related to the qwerty keyboard switching between sending MIDI events, and entering data into text fields. Here is a simple repro:

1, Create a new ens.

2, Add a "Gate" module, from "Built-In module/MIDI in"

3, Add a "lamp" module, from "Built-In module/Lamp"

4, Connect the output of the Gate module to the input of the Lamp.

5, Press some keys on the qwerty keyboard, the lamp should turn on/off on key press/release.

6, Double click on the "Clock Tempo" field, type in a BPM and hit enter.

7, Press some keys on the qwerty keyboard again, the lamp stays on, gate off messages do not seem to arrive.

The same seems to happen for any instance where you switch between entering data into a text field (macro name, QBus name, constants, etc etc..

I cannot be the only person experiencing this issue, but I did not see any reports so far. If this is just some user error, please let me know of the solution. If this is a bug, then I implore the Reaktor Platform team to fix this.

I am fully aware that there are loads of legacy "features" in Reaktor that will never see a fix, but this particular one really breaks the program. With support for Reaktor dwindling, it would be a massive shame for it to be left in this state.


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    With support for Reaktor dwindling

    There was just a massive release with native apple support - that would have required a complete rework of the core compiler, that's an enormous commitment to Reaktor.

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    As far as the issue, it works as expected for me on windows 10. If I press and release some keys, then double click the clock tempo and change it, after that, pressing and releasing keys still works just fine. If I press and hold keys, then without releasing them, double click in the clock tempo and update it, the gate will hang, but this has always been the case.

    I sometimes use this as a 'feature' when testing, holding keys gets tiring, so I hold a key, then double click in a text field to intentionally hang notes then when I'm done, hit the same keys and the note off kills the hung note...

    Maybe it's a more system or OS specific issue?

  • TichDeff
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    "Maybe it's a more system or OS specific issue?"

    As mentioned in my original post, the same issue is present on 3 different systems running 3 different operating systems.

    I reverted the 2015 & Mojave system back to 6.4.0 and the bug is no longer present there, I have not yet tested this on the other systems, but it would lead me to suspect that it appeared in the 6.4.3 update.

    From what you're saying, I guess it's also exclusive to apple HW

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    i can confirm this bug on my m1 MacBook pro in Reaktor 6.5.0. also in rosetta mode.

    workaround is to click outside of the number or text field after editing it.

  • TichDeff
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    Nice spot! Thanks also for confirming the repro.

    This also lead me to discover that even the Searchbox causes this same issue, only that I hadn't noticed it previously because every time I use the Searchbox it's typically followed by clicking somewhere.

    The workaround is helpful, thanks for sharing, but I hope the Reaktor platform team get an opportunity to implement a proper fix in an update soon.

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