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  • Vocalpoint
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    OK - I installed NA 3.20 approx one week ago and have noticed that after the first install and subsquent app launches - 3.20 was rocking! It was caching all the license and activation data and started almost instantly.

    But twice this past week AND now moments ago - when I accessed NA2 - there was a noticeable 30 second delay AND the app decided it needed to install "dependencies" all over again. Several "DOS-like" windows flashed by and I was back in NA.

    But that is three times this week and this makes no sense whatsoever. Why would NA2 work fine (and fast) for a day or two and then suddenly decides it needs to install dependencies all over again?

    There is clearly something strange going on this version as well.

    Anyone else notice anything odd like this?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @BKK Never said anything was your fault, just pointing you towards a possible solution. There is a dedicated support section on our website that you can access on this very page:

  • JesterMgee
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    @Jeremy_NI This tech note needs to be maintained and updated:

    Issue I have had every time I try and update NA is this:

    Launching NA as Admin does not resolve this issue, the Daemon utility has to be manually installed...

    The linked info which is what one will find when looking up this problem has an NTKDaemon download linked which WILL fix this issue when installed manually (because for some reason NA cannot launch this installer on Windows 11 and in some cases it seems on macOS either).

    Problem in the linked info the NTKDaemon download is outdated and so cannot be installed.

    The solution has been thanks to this post (Windows):

    The manual NTKDaemon solution needs to be maintained and kept up to date until this issue is hopefully resolved.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JesterMgee Thanks for pinging me here! Community post updated with the latest versions of the NTKDaemon (1.10) and Native Access (3.2.0). Our KB article will also be updated shortly.

  • Nogravity
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    Same thing here. This is insane. I love the company and products but this is dragging on waaaaaay toooo looooooong.

  • Vocalpoint
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    edited March 2023

    Made more discoveries on this today. I specifically fired up the DAW, made sure nothing else was running and then fired up Event Viewer and finally clicked on the Native Access icon from the Start Menu.

    Was shocked to see that mere milliseconds after starting NA 3.20 - Windows Installer suddenly fired up and proceeded to completely uninstall the NTKDaemon (v1.1.0) service and then a few milliseconds later reinstalled NTKDaemon (v1.1.0) right back to where it was just removed from.

    The uninstall recorded 4 entries and the reinstall 4 as well. At least now I know why NA is flashing all these DOS windows and going berserk.

    What is most odd is why Windows Installer would suddenly startup by itself and do this? What would be telling this service to ditch itself (like something is wrong?) and suddenly reinstall. Clearly something in Native Access itself.

    The only other events that occurred at the exact time of this bizarre sequence were a series of System Restore events (Event 8194) that were recorded right between the uninstall and reinstall.

    What these have to do with anything - is unknown. Most likely coincidental.

    Whatever is going on here - I have never seen anything like it in 20+ years of Windows usage. I have checked my startup parameters, services and other obscure areas of the system and I cannot see anything out of the ordinary.

    The only other thing that I could think of is maybe the 3.2.0 package is crippled in some way IF I had like 5 other versions of Native Access 2 previously in place and it simply cannot cleanup after itself?

    Is there such a thing as a "Native Access cleaner" that would remove ALL traces of this thing and allow one to install the latest version clean?


  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey @Vocalpoint.

    I'll provide more info in a community post next week, but the TL;DR for what you're experiencing is that NA2 checks for a running NTK Daemon, and if it doesn't find one it reinstalls it. We implemented this quite a while ago in an effort to combat an issue where beta users were stuck in a permanent startup loop. When the NTK Daemon crashes, this will be triggered. So the problem is two-fold: crashes cause the service to stop, which requires a restart of NA2, which reinstalls the NTK Daemon. Both are not ideal.

    Depending on time, 3.3.0 or 3.4.0 will include more diagnostic reporting to help us investigate the cause of NTK Daemon crashes. Any instances where you are notified of the Installer Service no longer running would be great to have sent over to the customer support team with a corresponding daemon.log file, so we can see what the NTK Daemon might've been doing when it was crashing. I've logged a ticket to identify a way to improve our startup check and will bump the priority up now that I'm seeing more users report this concern.

    Hopefully this provides some insight into what's going on though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • transizonia
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    Dependency problem still here for me too. I was told it would be fixed on the next update. 2 (or 3) updates had gone since then, still the same problem. What's going on? NTK doesn't start up automatically. That's the only issue.

  • remedydub
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    Maybe just move products out of the NA ecosystem Jeremy? The shell itself seems to be keeping a lot of us from our work

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @transizonia @remedydub If you are still having issues despite the fixes found here, please contact our installation specialists:

  • Shockwave199
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    I saw this behavior today as well. At NA startup it wanted to load dependencies and the process 'is taking longer than expected' and then some DOS screen flashes and then shortly after NA opened. I only updated to NA Dark because of a download problem of a library in NA light, thinking it would help the situation. Not only has the download error continued, now there's issues with NA Dark itself. Might revert back to NA light.

  • Nogravity
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    I am here because of this as well, despite posting about this repeatedly previously. Mac user here. It seemingly works when it want to. I thought the latest versions would eradicate this issue but no. I concur that this is a major drag and workflow disruption.

  • JesterMgee
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    @Jeremy_NI This is outdated.... again

    Still an ongoing issue, cannot ever update NA on Win11 without this issue cropping up and needing me to lookup the solution. The updated executable that NA downloads should NOT be downloaded to Program Files but instead to ProgramData. There are issues (like this) that will occur if programs try launching executables from the program folders folder for install. Thisn is why Ableton had to move the whole application to ProgramData so the auto update system would work.

    This need to be fixed.

  • GeorgeWare
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    Come on NI!

    No word from anyone at tech support!

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JesterMgee Updated with the latest NTKDaemon installer.

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