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Currently it is difficult to classify songs in a single genre and putting the same song on different playlists day after day becomes a heavy task.

However, having tags on the songs would make the task much easier, since, after classifying your music with the tags, just by making a smart playlist, the job of classifying or making new playlists becomes much easier.

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  • Maximizer
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    It would be nice if each tag was highlighted with a frame and color

  • Demus
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  • Kayya
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    Traktor pro contains many labels with the table you see on the list screen. This topic should have been opened for more detailed tags. I support and increase. traktor pro should automatically detect language of words, detect instruments, detect energy, detect sector classes. and additionally smart lists should have more detailed filtering

  • jbatson
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    I've been using Beatport Pro for years to tag all my tracks outside of Traktor, then use Beatport Pro to fill Playlists (or, Crates if your an old geezer like me) that I export from there to an iTunes Library file (old format) that Traktor can read to pull in the Playlist (and tracks).

    But, Beatport Pro has LONG been withdrawn from the market, and I'm living on a copy I've shepherded like gold. But due to the res, I've begun a migration out of it, and start using Lexicon for tagging & set prep.

    But ... why am I using 2 applications? Rekordbox - for all its flaws - has super useful & easy tags. (Just watch virtually any YouTube result for "Rekordbox My Tags".) And now that I'm having to do the work to get out of Beatport Pro, AND since Lexicon can push my collection - with tags - right into Rekordbox, I may now have a rational path out of Traktor.

    N+I should hate this. I hate this, because I've been on Traktor the late 1990's - when the only choice was Timecode vinyl on the very first software release. Over 20 years I've resisted my friends teasing me to switch to (Serato | Traktor), and always felt justified when I see people like Carl Cox & Danny Tenaglia using Traktor on-stage.

    But -- I'm not them. I play a LOT, and can't play the same stuff over and over; I need a "new" 2-hour set weekly. It doesn't all have to be newly-released music, but it's gotta be a unique set. And Tags are my only hope.

    Just gotta say: If N+I product managers are reading all this, if you DO put Tags on the roadmap, PLEASE talk to Christiaan, the developer of the app Lexicon. He's reachable via the Lexicon Discord channel. He has to deal with Tag differences as he syncs between all the DJ applications, and I'm sure has all the scars from the various ways to implement them. He may have a good idea about the best approach - e.g. how much to put in the .mp3 ID3 tags, vs in the .nml file, etc. Let him express opinions, please!

    This feature - Tags - has HUGE support from me.

  • Loudy
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    Piggybacking off of what Maximzer posted, a section called "Tags" or something similar that could be visible directly in your browser where you can add your custom tags to each track would be incredible.

    So maybe under the "Browser Details" section in settings, a sub-section could be created where you could add/create your own custom tags that would show up on a dropdown menu in the browser. Similar to right-clicking a track to add color tags, there could just be another option called "Tags" where all your custom tags would be listed.

    Then any tags you add would show up just like that image Maximizer posted in the "Tags" browser section, clicking on a tag would only show tracks with those tags.

  • PietroDi
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    If I understand this request correctly, it's about making sure that Traktor can show more ID3 fields?

    I would very much support this - however, the ID3 handling by Traktor is very error-prone, as in: There are numerous bugs with regards to Traktor e.g. deleting specific ID3 fields when editing a file. On the previous forum there were a lot of bug reports, and the latest version (currently 3.8 RC) still has all those issues.

    Given the lack of development velocity from Native Instruments I doubt whether the ID3 system will be fixed/overhauled, but maybe we're all going to be surprised by them ;)

  • FJRB
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    Thanks to both alternative of taggin out Traktor. Both alternative seems very nice.

    I hope Traktor integrate it as native, but while I will use this kind of programs.


  • Kayya
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    I would like to rewrite in accordance with the topicality. Labels are important for music to be better organized. It is important for smart lists to be more perfect. Important for making special classifications.

    It is a great advantage to label that a music is in Japanese.

    It is a great advantage to tag that a music is bass or vocal.

    Every tag we can work on creates a great source of information for archives. That's why I support labels. In addition, following modern technology, I support that all labels are made automatically, not manually.

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