Traktor pro 3 hangs when using kontrol s3 controller

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Hello my friends -- apologies if this is not the right forum for this!

I have been experiencing a frustrating issue and I was wondering if anyone has encountered it before or could offer advice. I am on a very new laptop with Windows 11 version 21H2. I recently purchased a traktor kontrol s3 dj controller, and as of right now, attempting to enable the traktor kontrol s3 audio device in traktor pro causes traktor pro to immediately freeze up. (If I choose not to enable the audio device when connecting, traktor pro 3 runs fine and I am able to play sound from my laptop speakers using asio4all.)

I have been through numerous old forum threads and reddit posts and troubleshooting guides about issues vaguely similar to this one, but none of them are quite the same, and none of the solutions have worked for me. I've rebooted, reinstalled the kontrol s3's drivers multiple times, reinstalled traktor pro3 multiple times, run windows' audio troubleshooter multiple times, checked all of my audio files for corruption, and shuffled the order in which I've done these things. The one thing I found is that disabling the traktor kontrol s3 output device in the Windows sound settings prevents traktor pro 3 from hanging, but also prevents it from outputting any sound to headphones or speakers, and removes all options from the output routing drop-down menus.

Also, if it is relevant, the controller worked perfectly fine (after some slight configuring) a few days ago, and between then and now I encountered an issue with another program that led me to reinstall Windows.

Any help or advice or suggestions or anything at all anyone has would be appreciated so much!!! This issue is very frustrating and I am getting tired of seeing the same purple links for every new search query I try :P



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