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  1. Display currently played sound. Instead of "Pattern Player" effect name.
  2. Add the "Release" parameter - toggle between Decay and Release using the FX Button 3.
  3. Use the "Unit on" button as note repeat feature if the Dry Wet knob is closed down (0%).
  4. Create the specific command "Pattern Sound Selector" so that it is possible to select each sound directly.
  5. Please allow for selecting and playing up to 16 different sounds.
  6. Create dedicated function or maybe use FX Unit On buttons in mixer section to monitor the sound.
  7. Ability to apply an effect to the Pattern Player sounds.

Feel free to add your ideas to this thread. The Pattern Player seems great, just one downside is that it uses an actial FX Unit. It should be in it's own dedicated deck or maybe on FX Units 5 and 6. Otherwise, by implementing it into our current setups one will have to sacrifice an FX Unit which is not ideal.

Thanks for reading. This feedback is based on the video posted by Michael @ NI you can check it out here -


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  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    Create a pattern editor and have a random pattern. (If not there already )

    Assign pattern player to channels using FX channel select buttons

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    Display name of the pattern name when selecting it. Eg 4x4, random, swing ?

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,650 mod

    The following layout would make more sense to me for Single FX Mode.

    Dry Wet = Volume

    Parameter 1 = Pitch (usually a filter)

    Parameter 2 = Decay (usually a feedback)

    Parameter 3 = Pattern density (usualle a rate)

    It is not an issiue since it can be remapped to how ever you like but would make more sense to have it mapped natively as the abowe example.

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    ill be honest I dont mind the layout that was demonstrated in the video...

    also I just noticed that the text under PTRN does change depending on the sample (OOH, CLAVE) etc but you need to turn the knob to see whats set. You could persist the name of the sample instead of just displaying PTRN when the encoder isnt being used. (or use Stevens suggestion 1) above).

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 257 Guru

    Would be great for the Delay and Pitch to be switched around.

    My muscle memory is always to grab that middle knob for the feedback of the delay.

    Amending the button of the delay section to a freeze seems to make sense logically too.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,650 mod
  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 257 Guru

    Ooopps my bad, it's a Decay, not a Delay. In that case I'm talking out of my arse!

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 257 Guru

    Managed to sneak a half hour with PP just now.

    Enjoying so far, but levels are a bit of an issue, but that could definitely be rectified.

    My idea would be to have separate Ozone gains and headroom for Track Decks and each individual Pattern Player, allowing you to crank it up a bit more for samples, but keep everything measured and in check for full tracks.

    Two more wants please...

    • User defined samples.
    • User defined patterns for each sample.
  • ekwipt
    ekwipt Member Posts: 32 Member

    When are we going to new hardware to play the Player Pattern natively?

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper
    edited July 2022

    Samples need gain increase. Either by the user somehow or in the sample itself or pattern player volume just needs to be higher at its maximum.

    Duck / side chaining amount needs to be more prominent or configurable , from full kill to range of % of volume reduction.

    4 FX need to be side by side rather than one on top of another with a restricted view as we want to see the pattern steps for all 4 at the same time

    Next bank should be 909

    Some one shot, one syllable vocal samples might be nice

    Some kind of bassline as well would be nice

    When there are more than one bank it would nice to pick samples from multiple banks at the same time

  • leesinthemix
    leesinthemix Member Posts: 257 Guru
    edited July 2022

    So having had a nice little session with four PPs and my Xone K1 on a 4FX mapping...

    • Desperately need a cueing system of some kind, but unsure on how this would work.
    • I don't think levels are as much of an issue as some are making out. However, the freedom to dial in the Duck/side chain level per sample would be amazing. This could be an alternative to separate Ozone levels for PP and Track Decks I suggested above.
    • Pitch and Decay definitely do need to be swapped around. Just makes sense.
    • When 4FX is enabled, each PP should be visible the same as 2FX, so we can see patterns for each PP.

    Damn, I could really use more FX units now. How about EIGHT to go across two Xone K1/K2? 😂

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,650 mod

    I have Midifighter Twister mapping that does Pattern Player type of things inside a Remix Deck. I made it a year ago and never uploaded it since it is not finalized and I did not have time to do it... Since it is a Remix Deck, it is much more powerful than Pattern Player inside FX Unit.

    It is capable of selecting 16 different sounds and 8 different patterns. No Duck effect though but I could add that by using the Slot VU meter outpout to side chain with Sample Slots and also the other 3 Decks.

    Some of my patterns are actually setting the pattern lenght by design so I can achieve polyrhythms because basic patterns that are one bar long and repetative can become boring very quickly.

    If there is a way to add the lenght parameter that would be awesome. Like hold Button 1 + Button 2 and turn a Knob to adjust the size of the pattern to make things more interesting. Just a thought.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,650 mod

    Full mapping diagrams here. It is Ableton + Traktor map.

  • shamoo!
    shamoo! Member Posts: 22 Helper

    Wouldn't it not have been a better idea to allow users store/playback sequences they create within Remix decks sequencer, rather than implementing a pattern player?

    That way you wouldn't loose one of the fx units and you would be building on top of whats already in the software. Currently I use MFT to create/save sequences but would be to have this native.

    Maybe a padmode could be setup to playback saved sequences.

  • daveb124
    daveb124 Member Posts: 84 Helper

    It would be nice to have the pattern player output be registered in the channel metre. Currently only way to check levels is look at the master

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