PSA: Don't buy a used Maschine MK3

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Longtime NI user, recently purchased a used Maschine MK3 online to integrate into my workflow. The unit possibly came from an estate sale, and the original owner is unknown.

Well, the serial number wouldn't import into my account (already registered), so I contacted support with a copy of the receipt proving ownership describing the circumstance. The customer support has been very unhelpful. It is apparently impossible to transfer ownership of a new piece of hardware if the original owner cannot be contacted. Native Instruments has told me that I do not actually own this equipment. The only way for them to recognize me as the owner would be to have the Executor of the Estate upload court documents proving the original owner was deceased?

This seems to be an over the top request for a rather inexpensive piece of equipment. It is not uncommon to buy and sell musical gear without original owner info. Having been a major supporter of NI (both hardware and software), the whole tone of the interaction with customer support has left a negative feel.

So just a heads up to anyone purchasing a second-hand Maschine MK3. If you do not have the original owner information, you will not 'own' the unit and can never register it, or resell it. I have no idea why more people aren't reporting this issue, it is very common to see these on the used market.


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    This is not a good situation

    For what its worth, as long as you have one registered product, it appears other hardware will work fine.

    I say this after (a) lending my mate my Mikro (he has an M32) and (b) buying a registered Machine Jam. both work as I already have my initial registered NI hardware (M32!)

    Its not ideal, but its the only way I see that unregistered stuff will work

    I think NI should consider changing this, must be loads of people hitting this wall and abandoning the system as a result

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    It is not that you do not own MK3, NI just cannot register it to your account without permition of previous owner. The previous owner should provide you with Licence Transfer Code....

    As a longterm NI customer you probably know it.

    The only thing that you miss if it is not registered to your account is you will not get another Komplete Select and Maschine 2 licences.

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    I bought a Maschine Mk1 from Ebay without a licence, made a ticket for support and they said I could buy the software on its own for 59gbp , it worked ok then, well, until I updated to Catalina, I have done a fresh instal of High Sierra now and now the Maschine is not visible to the Mac.

    I really wanted to learn how to use it, I will try again another day.

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    did you need the software? This product is still active , not sure why NI hides it.

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    Unless you need the bundle software and/or the hardware license serial number registered to your NI user account, the hardware will work perfectly fine as it (or the Maschine software) won’t ever call back to NI server for authentication.

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    Yeah this has been a major annoyance since Maschine exists, NI made some changes that make it a bit better like making sure both the previous and new owner get the software but still it isn't ideal. IMO if someone has the HW with the serial on the back they should be able to have a license regardless of circumstances.

    Possibly came from an estate sale? You mean you don't know? Where exactly did you buy it? If you have a receipt that should be evidence enough assuming it's a legit source.

    @automation said:

    The only way for them to recognize me as the owner would be to have the Executor of the Estate upload court documents proving the original owner was deceased?

    Did they literally tell you that or are you assuming? I agree that's quite over the top for something worth 300-400 USD in the used market.

    I have no idea why more people aren't reporting this issue, it is very common to see these on the used market.

    There are literally thousands of threads about this all over the web that can be reached with minimal research including support articles.

    That's because the KK M32 comes with a Maschine SW license, as long as there is a license all Mas controllers work fine and SW installation is available thru NA. Lots of users stuck in this situation buy an M32 for this very reason, it's probably what I would do or I'd buy the license from the link @Kaydigi shared above.

    Without the SW the MK3 is an overpriced generic controller.

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    This post has been solved by Native Instruments. They have cleared the unit to be registered.

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    And what if MK3 has been lost/stolen, and reselled afterwards on eBay? What if NI has received an answer from previous owner (who should be dead, at least according to eBay seller....).... And that is why they requested proof registered user has deceased.... Who should NI trust in case that someone has answered NI on registered user email? Him or you?

    Problems with HW registration has been discussed in the forum hundreds of times....

    And there is not written "if registered owner is not available" on NI web, but "if previous owner is not available". Previous owner is eBay one, not person registered, in your case.... Slight difference, but HW registration is sort of proof of ownership...

    Generally, it may be risky to buy secondhand. There are many sellers or buyers that cheat... If I want to buy or sell something, I receive almost every time offers/requests from people that are evidentely proffesional cheaters.

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    Just an update, NI has since allowed the product to be registered. Thank you to all for your comments, and thank you to NI Customer Support for you assistance.

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    @automation I brought this up to our team a couple of days ago and it seems like there was some confusion with one of our agent. This is going to be clarified across all teams because as you pointed it out, it doesn't have to be so complicated. We made a ton of changes in the past couple of years to simplify access to our software for second hand purchases and as long as you have a receipt and the unit with you, we should be able to make it work.

    Perhaps we could change the title of this thread so it's not confusing others?

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