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Trevor Meier
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New forum, new ask!

My Maschine mk3 is the centre of my workflow, but it's a PITA that it can't control Komplete Kontrol in other DAWs. I do lot of my work in Logic and other hosts - and most of the benefits of NKS + Maschine are lost in these other environments. NKS is a great standard that allows quick access to a huge library of content. It should be accessible with the Maschine controller in other software IMO.

It's the same screens, same control layout... it seems logical that the mk3 should be able to drive Komplete Kontrol as a plugin? As it is, I have a massive MIDI-mode template that maps various Logic controls to my mk3. But still I have to drive Komplete Kontrol with my mouse if I want the benefits of NKS browsing.

FWIW using Maschine 2 as an NKS plugin host instead of Komplete Kontrol is way too much overhead just to be able to browse NKS presets.


  • Uwe303
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    It can, you can learn buttons and knobs like with any other 3rd party controller, but why then not use several instances of maschine, that way you have even more options.


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    I think I know what you mean…

    You have your MK3 set up perfectly to control Maschine instance + Logic but can’t control a separate instance of KK without hopping through a bunch of mapping hoops and even if you did, the screens on mk3 are useless in controller mode which negates the main feature of KK.

    This is why I grabbed a cheap M32 second hand. Still, I wish I could use my pads instead of the keyboard so its still has drawbacks.

    If someone else has another workaround or template….do share.

  • Trevor Meier
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    Maschine is too resource-intensive to be used if the intent is only to host plugins, plus it requires extra hoops to be jumped through in order for it to work quickly for the task. The Maschine software interface is not as optimized as Komplete Kontrol when the goal is to quickly load a sound and go.

    Yeah! Exactly, you got it.

  • Espi
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    I have to second this and would like to see some feature improvement on this.

    I own Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk1 and Maschine mk3 and many times I would just like to have a Komplete Kontrol instance in my DAW (Reaper) and load a Drumlab or some other VST drumkit and use Maschine hardware to control that drum kit.

    Why cannot this be a feature that the Komplete Kontrol would map the parameters to Maschine hardware automatically? Now many times I just end up playing the drum parts with my Komplete Kontrol keyboard as it has everything nicely mapped.

  • mason drielling
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    This would be great. I don't know how to play piano but i'm pretty decent on keyboard mode with the Maschine controller.

    I have found a workaround for this.

    Do this and on your DAW make Maschine 2 virtual output a valid midi device

    Then in the DAW you're using open Komplete Komplete on a new track.

    And you get scale mode, arpeggiator, and the pads. But nothing else.

  • mason drielling
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    I would love to see scale mode, note repeat, arpeggiator added to the Maschine MK3 Controller Ableton template. But that may require some collaboration between Ableton and Maschine which is highly unlikely.

  • MrVuvu
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    Komplete Kontrol keyboards control (excuse the pun) both Maschine and komplete software. NI is saying Maschine is meant as a groove box-like user experience sounds like a red herring. Just adding flexibility doesn't take away from that vision. The decision sounds more like a business one to me. Absolutely disappointing

  • MrVuvu
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    I absolutely agree. And I suspect it's purely a business decision which is a great disappointment.

  • Kymeia
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    If you ran Komplete Kontrol inside Maschine you would lose aftertouch, mpe and a large aspect of keyboard expression - many patches in plugins like Massive and Massive X for example would not be playable in the way they were intended. Komplete Kontrol was designed for use with NI Keyboards, Maschine integrates to an extent but doesn't support all features of the keyboards

  • Dan Wilkinson
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    I actually own a KK-S88-MK2 keyboard, and i have a maschine plus.

    The keyboard is 5 feet long and does not have the portability that my maschine has, but because i have an S88, i am not immediately going out to buy a S49 anytime soon, but i would like to fire up Logic or Live and be able to browse the NKS range using Komplete Kontrol and my maschine plus....

  • spicemix
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    perfect example of Conway’s Law

    (too new here to post the wiki link to Conway’s Law sorry to make you Google it)

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