More than 8 Global MIDI controls?

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I'm wondering about global midi, currently there are 8 buttons, 8 faders and 8 knobs.

I want to use my S4 MK3 to control Traktor and Ableton and since there is no MIDI Mode the only way to send MIDI to Ableton is to output it from Traktor using global midi commands.

For which, 8 of each is quite limiting.

Please NI, consider expanding those since S4 MK3 is almost useless out of Traktor. Ideally there should be at least 16 of each command types. I would like to keep all native mapping functions so sending midi using any other command is not an option unfortunately.



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    That’s not the only way to send midi to Ableton and Traktor.

    You can split a midi controller into 2 (virtual) midi controllers (allowing each controller to be mapped to different software) using Windows software called MidiOx/MidiYoke.

    Its been a looooong time since I did it, but, it’s definitely doable.

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    S4 MK3 is not a MIDI controller. Maybe you are talking on an older version of S4 or S3.

    There should be a straight forward solution in Traktor Pro like @Stevan requested it.

    It should not be too difficult for the software team to extend the existing 8,8,8 to 16,16,16 or more.

    I wish you good luck with the request because Traktor Pro PM and Support don't see a use case for Global MIDI. Also Encoders are not "really" supported since its about state and not messages.

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    Sorry chaps. I definitely did not know that...

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    No worries!

    Removing the MIDI Mode was a step back from MK1 and MK2 hardware. Not an improvement on that matter...

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