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Hello, I am with the same problem:

I use WINDOWS 10 with Ableton 10 and Maschine as VST but I can't configure and use:


With the REC function I can understand it since they are two different applications and the way of recording I would understand that it is not possible, but the rest is essential to use SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH ABLETON: ( PLAY / STOP / RESTART )

Is it possible to make it use or is it a matter of companies? Is there no interest in that it can be used simultaneously?

I have also tried using Ableton Standalone and Maschine Standalone as a slave but they are separate and I can't get them to play at the same time, I have used LINK & EXT in all ways and it is impossible, they synchronize but each one goes at its own pace and I only want to work with both platforms and simultaneously use PLAY / RESTART / STOP

Can you help me? I use WINDOWS 10 I pass some screenshots...

I hope it's something I'm doing wrong because otherwise it would be a shame not to be able to play on both platforms at the same time.

I would not like to waste more time trying to configure the template since it is frustrating me,

Can it be configured with LINK / EXT ?

Can it be configured as Machine VST and play with PLAY / STOP in Ableton 10?



  • JesterMgee
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    When Maschine is loaded in Ableton Live as a plugin it will inherit transport/BPM from the host meaning it no longer runs on its own clock, it slaves to Ableton's transport so you can still record patterns in in Maschine by clicking the record button and making sure you are armed for the track in live to receive MIDI, but to start you need to start Lives playback which will then start Maschine running. Same for every plugin.

    I do not believe Maschine is a "Link" device so cannot link to Live using this function, to do a sync between 2 different applications on the same machine that do not both support the Link protocol, you would need to use MIDI and a loopback driver to send midi clock between applications.

  • Chris Shelving
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    I have discovered Tobias Erichsen's LoopMidi (WHICH EMULATES A VIRTUAL MIDI) but it doesn't synchronize well, it does what I want but the synchronization has lags, I don't know if it's because of my computer but it doesn't do it well, I was excited at first but later I saw that precision failed, at least this happens to me on my computer and under WINDOWS.

    At the moment I am assembling a template where to open Machine VST and route the audio outputs so that, once I have all the creative idea and more or less assembled the song/loop/idea, go overturning audio tracks in different tracks and modifying any I touch up on the fly to set up the mix... I do it with LINK (SYNC PLAY/STOP in blue mode) even though I have to PLAY the two applications, I give it a tempo bar to give me time to run the 2 applications to have an ACCURATE synchronization.

    I also appreciate that you have answered me, it has taken me hours to find how to do it, I was guided by this tutorial but I did not understand it at first because it is a platform that I do not know (Apple).

    Thank you very much for answering!!!

  • JesterMgee
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    Instructions I see should be the same for both mac/PC, the example that D-One posts looks like Windows so should be simple enough to follow.

    I've never setup this myself, I rather keep things simple and not have to link multiple apps, had enough of that complexity back in the day trying to sync Reason and FLStudio with other applications for little benefit or productivity, usually just causes a mess. If it's not doable or whatever, I just render samples out and import them into Live now. I think too many get lost/side tracked these days trying to get too many things working together to make something that could have been tapped out with a stick and a stone.

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    If you use maschine as plugin in Ableton, or an other DAW, and want to use host transport mode. You have to enable it in the controller editor software, then you'll see an outline around the transport buttons. Then it should work as you expect.

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