I downloaded .ENS + .ISM files from the user library. Will I break things by moving them?

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Most of the ensembles from the user library are just a single .ens file. But there are others that come with a slew of .ism, .rcc, .rcm, and .nrkt files. For example Arachnaut's Pulsifiers:

Or PCM Module 1.2:

Or Slope Overload:

Can I safely move the .ism files into another "Instruments" folder without breaking the Ensemble? I noticed that when I moved the PulsiMirror.ism file, and then tried to load the PulsiMirror.rcc file, I received an error.

I am an organization freak, and I like to keep things categorized. What are the rules for dependencies within multi-file ensembles? Can I relocate .ens files without worry? Should I keep all of my .ism, .rcc, and .rcm files in another folder?

What is the best way to keep things organized?

Thank you generously for any help and guidance,



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    Yes, you can move them. .ens Ensembles are all in one. ism Instruments must be connect to the output or if it is an effect hook in between an ism inside an ens then to the output.

    Here is my organisation. You can oriented yourself on the user library

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