Maschine hangs in splash screen scanning u-he Dark Zebra VST3

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Hey everyone,

just wanted to start Maschine (latest update). But it freezes on plugin scanning at Dark Zebra (ZebraHZ) VST3 plugin... and stays there. No time-out. Have to kill the task. Dark Zebra has been installed lately so it was the first time my Maschine Software saw this plugin. Works fine in my DAWs. Using Windows 11

Anyone similar experience?



  • Reefius
    Reefius Member Posts: 238 Pro

    Does it hang every time you try to start Maschine?

    I've had some issues with plugin scanning and Windows Defender, temporarily disabling Defender fixed that.

  • DynaMaltee
    DynaMaltee Member Posts: 8 Member

    Hey, yes everytime, same plugin status message "Scanning VST(s) - ZebraHZ".

    Thank u, will test your suggestion and come back.

  • DynaMaltee
    DynaMaltee Member Posts: 8 Member

    Hi Reefuis, this helped. Still strange that it hangs scanning Rebra HZ...

    Thanks a lot for the tip.

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