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Hi all! I've recently joined the NI family and I'm currently learning to use the Maschine+. I'm a lifelong musician with a backlog of music to record. I intend on using Logic Pro on a Mac Studio w/ Apple M1 Ultra with 20-core CPU, 48-core GPU, 32-core Neural Engine, 64GB unified memory. I'm also getting Komplete 14 to work with. Should I upgrade the 48-core to the 64-core or is that a waste of money? the same question about the unified memory- should I upgrade it to 128GB or will the 64GB be plenty? Thank you for any help!

PS- I'm aware of the current issues with compatibility with the M1 currently but I've been assured they're working on that problem currently and assure full compatibility in the near future. So, I'm going to put my faith in that.


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    Hi. I've recently invested in a Mac Studio M1 Max with 64gb. I'm very pleased with it and find it more than adequate for my needs. I do a lot of instrumental and orchestral work and it copes very well with, for example, Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro with custom mic options.

    On your question about upgrading the GPU I'm not sure this would be worthwhile unless you also do demanding graphics work. But of course, with Apple, if you think you might need something its best to go ahead as you can't add later!!

    Best of luck with your investment.

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