Native Instruments losing the plot

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Native Instrument has just announced the release of Complete 14 and in the system requirements it stipulates that to run on an M1 mac needs to use Rosetta.

Surely they are taking the Mickey ( could have used a stronger word ) they have spent the last few months working on a new version of it before fixing the fact that most of their software cannot run natively on the new Apple silicon. They seem to think that only providing for Windows users is there preferred platform and thus alienating users who use Mac's , the number of which is growing rapidly. They should advertise their products as not compatible with M1 macs and not have to have people downgrade the power of their new systems by having to run under Rosetta. I urge all people who use Macs to be more vocal about this problem and not to buy any products from NI until this problem is sorted out. It's been nearly 2 years since the release of the new Apple Architecture and most major manufacturers now have native Apple support. My conjecture is that Native Instruments is no longer a major brand in Music Software but a two bit company that just fleeces people from their hard earned cash.


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